Well the Bell Mobility issues never end. This is the most corrupt organization, not only are they throttling internet connection but time and time again they are ripping off their customers.

In previous posts I have detailed the issues with Bell and its billing policies. For 6 months they over charged me for my service by $20 dollars. Each an every month I have had to call the Bell customer service ( I use the term loosely) associates to get the bill corrected every month. I spoke with an customer service associate last month who stated that I would not be charged a cancellation fee when I switch companies because of all the hassles. After hearing this from the associate I went down to Rogers and signed up for a new contract with them.

A month goes by and I get a Bell bill, on this bill they have added the $20 that was credited back to back to me the month prior and again my bill is $20 more than it is supposed to be. After another 1 hour call with the manager of Bell I was told that it was Rogers fault for not canceling the account when the port transfer went through. Passing the buck yet another thing that Bell does well, no common sense in the company I tell you. If you don’t have the number anymore you have lost the client. Well I find out to no surprise that at this point Bell will try and extort as much money as possible out of you. “Watch this we’ll punish this puny client for getting fed up with our crap and going to a competitor!”. So during this call I am told that I will have to pay the $200 cancellation fee, OMG they have a recorded call with an associate telling me that they will waive the cancellation fee. These morons won’t pull the call and verify this information, of course not cause then you would HAVE to waive the fee for me. To bring this crap to a close they decide to give me the new cancellation policy which is $100 . Wow thanks for the crappy service and the reduction in the fee that I was not supposed to pay in the first place.

The manager on the line at this time tells me that he is only doing this because “I am a Bell family customer and even though I am with another provider now I will return to Bell!” What arrogance. If you think I will ever use Bell for any service again in the future you are either delusional or insane.

With any luck this whole ordeal will be done with once the cancellation bill is paid and I won’t have to deal with these idiots anymore. This article is a warning to all Bell mobility customers, I hope you don’t get trapped with this company. With number portability in full effect now you can keep your number and move to any other cellular service out there. There are so many to choose from in this day and age .