Affiliate Genie
Install service

Are you new to web publishing or are uneasy with FTP and website launching?

Just plain don’t want to handle installation?

Worried about server compatibility?

For a one time fee of $47 one of our support staff will professionally install and pre configure your Affiliate Genie Package. Before we begin installing we will require the following information which you can provide via email once you have submitted your payment for the server.

The information we require

What we do during the install service:

  1. Test your hosting server for compatibility (if you server is not compatible we will provide you with the necessary information to give the hosting company to make the account compatible).
  2. Upload the Affiliate Genie Installation package.
  3. Configure the preferences with your requested username and password.
  4. Test for shortURL capability and enable if you server supports it.
  5. Configure the menu position.
  6. Input your email address comment notification.
  7. Email you once the site is setup so you can log in and begin adding content.

Once we receive the email from you and the required information to access the FTP for you hosting we can begin the install procedure.

Click the Buy Now button to signup for the install service. You will receive an email from a support representative to initialize the process.

For expedited service please email sales@mk2solutions.com with the information listed above and the digital invoice number from your PayPal receipt.